Track Sessions By Track – Specialized Tech Stack Deployment

When organizations adopt or change their corporate initiatives, they impact their business strategy, but also their technology strategy. In this track, we discuss how increasingly common factors, including remote workers, account-based marketing, content and channel needs are causing b-to-b organizations to revisit their technology stacks and reprioritize their roadmaps.

Building the Channel Technology Stack


Presenters: Maria Chien

Guest Spotlight Speaker: Mehow Kulma, RSA

Historically, channel marketing and sales have relied on a patchwork of disparate tools and technologies designed for use by other roles and functions. Now, applications purposefully designed for the channel are emerging, yet many suppliers remain unaware of their existence. When used correctly, these technologies can significantly increase channel efficiency and effectiveness. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • See the channel technology landscape, and gain insights into market trends in key areas
  • Understand the relationships between different technology offerings for the channel, and requirements for integration
  • See examples of how other companies are building their own channel technology stacks

Enabling Remote Teams: What Your Tech Stack Needs


Presenters: Heather Cole, Carrie Rediker

The number of employees who work at home (not including the self-employed) has grown by 103 percent since 2005, with 3.7 million employees now working remotely at least half the time. Whether your teams are working in their pajamas, at the local coffee shop or at various client sites, marketing, sales and product roles must work independently and collaboratively. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Learn how remote teams can effectively and efficiently collaborate on projects, planning, workflow and approvals
  • Discover capabilities to facilitate distributed communication and collaboration with peers, resources, leadership, across functions and with buyers
  • Understand how to leverage technology to empower remote teams through learning and self-service capabilities

Rationalizing the Content Technology Ecosystem


Presenters: Cheri Keith, Christine Polewarczyk

Content is fuel for the revenue engine, but very few b-to-b organizations have unlocked the secrets to creating, activating and curating it. In search of powerful content, b-to-b organizations have invested heavily in applications that manage, store or create content assets, often resulting in a tangled mess of systems with redundant functionality that still fails to solve underlying process or strategy gaps. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Gain clarity on what tools are required to support each stage of the content lifecycle
  • Learn how to optimize content processes and measurement based on goals, KPIs and feedback

For sales:

  • Learn how to measure what content sales reps are using and how it is driving business value
  • Understand what to look for when buying technology to manage sales content based on current utilization and needs

The Account-Based Marketing Stack: Capabilities Required for Impact

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize

Presenters: Megan Heuer, Matt Senatore

Guest Spotlight Speaker: J.J. Kardwell, Everstring

There’s no shortage of new tools for account-based marketing, but what do companies really need? And what about all those tools they already have? Building the right capabilities required to deliver great account-based marketing requires careful technology decisions. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Identify foundational technology capabilities required to execute account-based marketing strategies that win, grow, engage and retain customers
  • Understand emerging technology categories that support new capabilities in account-based efforts
  • See examples from leading-edge practitioners who are deploying multiple technology solutions across various categories to deliver results


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