Track Sessions By Track – Technology-Enabled Sales

Technology makes the b-to-b sales rep more effective. But with so many technologies and applications, have we reached the point where too much technology is actually decreasing productivity? In this track, we share how technology should be leveraged to help sales execute with precision.

Building the Capability-Led Sales Tech Stack


Presenters: Mark B. Levinson, Steve Silver

Guest Spotlight Speaker: Greg Munster, Red Hat

It’s often difficult for sales leaders to avoid “shiny new object” syndrome when evaluating new technologies. To do so, they must understand the capabilities that they are trying to build, and the combination of expertise and processes required in addition to technology to deliver them. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Understand the key capabilities required in today’s b-to-b sales organizations
  • Learn how to evaluate your organization’s capabilities – or lack thereof – when designing the technology stack
  • Gain insight on how to define the processes, expertise and technology required to enable required sales capabilities

Buying for Sales: How to Do Vendor Selection Right

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize, Optimize

Presenters: Peter Ostrow, Dana Therrien

Buying any sales technology is easy; buying the right technology is hard. In this session, we apply the SiriusDecisions Technology Alignment Framework and show how gathering input through stakeholder interviews and outlining use cases is essential to structuring an effective technology evaluation. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Gain an understanding of a structured approach to technology and vendor selection
  • Learn how to streamline the process of developing a targeted RFP for any sales-oriented point or platform purchase
  • Develop competency around demo management, stakeholder interviews, reference-checking, and pilot trials
  • Understand where and how negotiation tactics are most effective

The Not-So-Basic Rules for Data Governance and Management

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize

Presenters: John Donlon, Steve Silver

In today’s data-driven business environment, the old adage “garbage in – garbage out” has never been more relevant. The ability to gather vast quantities of buyer data is challenging sales and marketing organizations to create strategies for managing and fully leveraging this data to support both marketing and sales activities. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand the five key components of data management
  • Learn how to assess your organization’s data management proficiency, diagnose gaps and prioritize improvements
  • Understand how peers manage account hierarchies, account and contact duplicates, and rep activity tracking to meet the tactical reporting needs of the organization while providing strategic insights and intelligence

Building the Lead and Opportunity Management Ecosystem

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize

Presenters: Dana Therrien, Terry Flaherty

Together, marketing and sales build revenue stream (sales funnel) processes that begin with contact, account and opportunity creation. Each of these processes is subject to bottlenecks and individual breakpoints, making their synchronization and optimization critical to drive maximum efficiency, accountability and sales velocity. The presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand the key processes and primary issues impacting the performance of marketing qualification and teleprospecting qualification stages
  • Explore the technology ecosystem (from baseline to emerging technologies) for each lead management process
  • Understand the interdependency of key sales and marketing processes, and the primary issues impacting their integration


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