Marketing Executive

Many marketing leaders struggle to navigate the many options created by the explosion of new b-to-b marketing technologies. Vice president and group director Monica Behncke hand-selected these sessions to provide CMOs with insights on available technologies that will support your organization’s strategic objectives.

See Monica’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Tuesday 10/31
    • 1:20 pm

      The Content Confessional: Absolving Your Consistency Sins

      Adopt, Operationalize Cheri Keith, Phyllis Davidson
    • 1:20 pm

      The Current and Future State of AI and Sales

      Optimize Heidi Lanford, Kerry Cunningham
    • 3:30 pm

      Intent Monitoring: Deployment Considerations for Account-Based Marketing and Demand Creation

      Adopt, Operationalize, Optimize Kerry Cunningham, Matt Senatore
    • 4:20 pm

      How to Use a Slingshot to Take Down Goliath: Technology as a Growing Company’s Unfair

      Operationalize Barbie Mattie, Jessie Johnson