Sales Technologist

Sales technologists are tasked with determining where and how technology solutions should be used within the sales organization to maximize productivity. Vice president and group director Mark Levinson selected these sessions to provide sales technologists with insights on available technologies that will support your organization’s strategic objectives.

See Mark’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Tuesday 10/31
    • 2:10 pm

      Applying Video Game Concepts to Maximize Selling

      Operationalize Jessie Johnson, Nancy Maluso
    • 2:10 pm

      SiriusLabs: Assessing Your Technology Functionality and Engagement

      Operationalize Jacques Bégin, Kristin Farwell
    • 3:30 pm

      Navigating the Analytics Technology Landscape

      Operationalize Erin Bohlin, Ross Graber
    • 4:20 pm

      Sales Reporting: Getting It Right for Direct and Indirect Models

      Operationalize, Optimize Eileen Corrigan, Steve Silver