The (Buyer) Journey is the Destination: How Centrify is Delivering Enhanced Experiences and Increased ROI with Predictive-Powered Buyer Intelligence

Rhonda Shantz
Chief Marketing Officer, Centrify

Organizations can no longer afford for marketing to be a guessing game. With the explosion of digital technologies over the past decade, customers have become self-educating and empowered, leaving B2B companies scrambling – attempting to position themselves somewhere within their buyer’s journeys. In order to engage effectively at every stage of the journey, marketing teams must have insight into their buyer’s timing, needs and behavior. Join Centrify CMO Rhonda Shantz to hear how she partnered with 6sense to not only optimize her marketing efforts across the buyer’s journey but ultimately enhance the buyer experience through thoughtful and personalized interactions.

By leveraging 6sense’s complete visibility into her buyers and their purchase intent, Rhonda has aligned her team’s strategies and tactics in a highly personalized way and has witnessed a 3x lift in engagement as a result. In addition to increased engagement, Centrify has also optimized their spend by saving higher cost engagements for those likely to generate a return, while using lighter touch investments to push customers into the funnel and drive up intent. As opposed to reacting to their customers and attempting to follow them along their path, Centrify can now shape its customers’ journeys and lead the conversation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How Centrify is leveraging stage-aware messaging and content to become more personalized and relevant
  • How timely, tailored engagements are driving increased conversion rates and higher marketing ROI for Centrify
  • How 6sense and predictive fit into Centrify’s larger ABM strategies and initiatives

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