How GE Digital Built a Tech Stack to Run Marketing Like a Business

Kerri Westfield
Director of Marketing Operations, GE Digital
Sam Melnick
VP of Marketing, Allocadia

Marketers often own the largest discretionary spend in the commercial organization. Those who are succeeding today think like business owners, treating the marketing organization more like a P&L and less like a function.
In this session, we will demonstrate how GE Digital a $1B startup, rebuilt their marketing tech stack in order to become stewards of marketing investments and results. Join us to learn how to build a stronger relationship with finance, create real visibility into budgets, and ultimately know where to spend your next dollar with confidence.
Kerri Westfield, Director of Marketing Operations at GE Digital and Sam Melnick, VP of Marketing at Allocadia will walk you through how GE Digital runs marketing like a business.

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