Going Beyond Lead Metrics to (Im)Prove Marketing’s Value

Katie Bullard
Chief Growth Officer, DiscoverOrg

“How do I trace leads all the way through the funnel to gain visibility into marketing’s contribution to revenue? For each and all of my campaigns?” We all know this pain point and understand how critical it is to overcome this hurdle. Learn how DiscoverOrg made fundamental changes in where they invested their resources, literally doubling conversion rates overnight, building a world-class marketing engine (that contributes 60% of all revenue!), and changing the conversation that sales and marketing were having together. Hear from Katie Bullard, Chief Growth Officer at DiscoverOrg, as she lays out her roadmap for:

  • Enabling Salesforce to track the full lead lifecycle
  • Gaining visibility into marketing’s specific contribution to revenue
  • Optimizing marketing resource allocation to improve performance

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