Transforming Your Revenue Engine: How Verizon uses AI and Data to Accelerate Growth

David Zahner and Brian Shaner
Senior Business Development Manager and Director of Global Demand Generation, Verizon

While marketing at Verizon was hitting their lead generation targets, alignment with sales was lacking, which can negatively impact revenue. This session will provide a look at how Verizon used the Lattice Engines AI platform to identify the highest quality leads and accounts, and provided sales with deep data about each of those leads to drive highly contextualized conversations. With AI and data, Verizon was able to improve sales and marketing alignment and drive an increase in revenue.

Key takeaways:

  • Key use-cases for AI and how it can support your sales and marketing alignment
  • Lessons learned when driving sales and marketing alignment at scale
  • How to drive sales adoption and follow-up on leads provided by marketing

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