How National Instruments uses Intelligent Content to Achieve Better Outcomes at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Jill Stachura
Senior Manager, Marketing Automation/Marketing Operations, National Instruments

Content plays a critical role in educating customers at every stage of their journey with your business, but not all content experiences are created equal. Two years ago, National Instruments implemented an intelligent content strategy with LookBookHQ to get to market faster and achieve better outcomes with their nurture campaigns, event follow-ups, sales enablement content, customer onboarding, product notifications, social media, and more.

Attend this session to learn:

  • Why focusing on content delivery and what happens on the destination side of every click at every stage of the customer journey is so important
  • Which marketing metrics actually measure whether prospects or customers are ready to buy
  • How National Instruments has changed the way it delivers content across its marketing programs and how it’s helped them achieve better outcomes

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