Using Predictive Analytics and ABM to Take Your Marketing Strategy from Broad to Specific

Jim Regan
Mike Thyne
Sr Director of Performance Marketing, Digital River

SiriusDecisions recently introduced its new Demand Unit Waterfall, with two levels added to the top: Target Demand and Active Demand. Target Demand indicates how critical it is to size, capture, and model accounts to determine a company’s true total addressable market. Active Demand highlights the importance of using external intent data to identify active buyers and target them appropriately. These two additions to the Waterfall reflect the power of predictive analytics and account-based marketing as cornerstones of every B2B revenue engine.

Mike Thyne, Senior Director of Performance Marketing for Digital River, will discuss how the company’s marketing strategy transitioned from broad-based demand generation to highly targeted account-based marketing. Starting with a well-defined total addressable market, specific buyer personas, and content mapping to each persona, Digital River developed a highly targeted and effective sales and marketing approach that combines predictive analytics and account-based marketing, with MRP Prelytix.

Mike is a predictive analytics pioneer, of sorts, embracing the technology when it was fairly new and unproven. But the concept made sense to him then, and in practice, it has given him the ability to focus on accounts that are most likely to buy, and to deploy customized tactics to each account. In this presentation, Mike will share lessons learned, and the positive impact this strategy has had on Digital River’s sales and marketing efforts.

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