Using Seismic to Create Implementation Success

Jeff Sublett
Senior Sales Operations Manager, Blackbaud

Blackbaud believes the world will be a better place when good takes over. Blackbaud’s mission is to provide software, services, expertise, and data intelligence that empowers and connects people to advance the social good movement. Blackbaud knew that their sales reps were used to “drinking from the firehose” when it came to new tools for them. Instead of continuing the “old” way of rolling out new tools a decision was made to strategically think about how to implement Seismic to over 600 sales and marketing associates. Through a staged approached along with critical buy in from sales leadership, Blackbaud was able to get up and running on Seismic within one quarter. Initially starting with their Arts & Culture department, sales managers of other teams noticed the increased success of Arts & Culture sales associates using live-send data and their ability to close deals faster.

Learn how Blackbaud changed the way they thought about implementations along with how they:

  • Created a strategic rollout plan team by team
  • Used a Seismic governance model to implement success
  • Used custom built reports to create excitement, executive buy in, and competition among teams

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