Client Guest Keynote Sessions

How Technology, Process and Partnership Drive Blackbaud's Demand Center

Wednesday, November 16
2:00 PM

Presenters: Mary Pat Donnellon, VP of Marketing, Blackbaud, Michelle Duckett, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, Blackbaud
Session Focus: Optimize

You’re dreaming of a Demand Waterfall® that runs like a well-oiled engine. But the reality seems more like a rusty bicycle (that you’re building while you ride). Is sales getting the qualified leads marketing spent so much effort to produce? Are those leads converting to opportunities? Which ones are falling out of the funnel, and WHY? At Blackbaud, marketing leadership set out to answer these questions by operationalizing the Demand Waterfall through metrics, process, technology and accountability.

For sales, marketing and product:

  • The importance of sales and marketing alignment and how to establish credibility through accountability
  • How to implement a streamlined lead management process from inquiry to close
  • How Blackbaud uses technology at every stage of the Demand Waterfall to accelerate the funnel and drive results

Fireside Chat: The State of the Marketing Cloud

Wednesday, November 16
3:30 PM

Panelists: Stephen Streich, Senior Director of Product, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Matt Zilli, Senior Director of Solution Marketing, Marketo, Kishan Chetan, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft, Laura Horton, Director of Marketing, Pardot

Moderator: Tony Jaros, EVP Chief Research and Product Officer, SiriusDecisions

After being coined several years ago, the term “marketing cloud” has since rapidly grown in prominence. As it becomes an up-and-coming force in digital marketing, every marketing leader is eager to share his or her opinion on a best-of-breed strategy – whether its to invest in a marketing cloud or to take a hybrid approach. This panel discussion will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Get a five-year outlook from industry leaders on what technologies will form the bedrock marketing cloud landscape
  • See how the concept of sales clouds fit into the modern b-to-b organization, why it’s important and where the market is headed
  • Understand the key challenges and opportunities of marketing clouds in b-to-b

Driving Technology Adoption in B-to-B

November, November 17
9:15 AM

Presenter: Brian Vass, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Technology, Paycor

Sales and marketing organizations are at a crossroads – stay with stagnated systems that employees won’t use, or reconfigure systems, people and processes. In just three years, Paycor has built modern sales and marketing organizations from the ground up that are fueling 30%+ annual revenue growth and 40% marketing campaign contribution. With a focus on improving sales productivity and accelerating growth, the company selected and rolled out a new sales and marketing technology stack to more than 400 sales and marketing associates. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Learn how to gauge how much and what type of training is required when rolling out sales and marketing technology
  • Find out more about effective rollout strategies to drive end-user adoption
  • Gain an understanding of how to measure the effectiveness of investments in sales and marketing training

Fireside Chat: What’s Fueling the Marketing and Sales Technology Market?

November, November 17
3:45 PM

Panelists: Peter Arrowsmith, General Partner, JMI, Devon McDonald, Partner, OpenView

Moderator: Tony Jaros, EVP Chief Research and Product Officer, SiriusDecisions

Partners from leading venture capital and private equity firms will discuss how the sales and marketing technology landscape has exploded over the past decade, fueled by investments and technology innovation. They will debate how emerging categories will alter the landscape over the next three to five years and share insight into categories that didn’t gain traction as expected. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Find out how private equity and venture capital firms work and how they drive sales and marketing technology markets
  • Understand what’s driving investment in the marketing and sales technology landscapes
  • Gain clarity on which technology categories should be on your radar in the coming years