Paul Stansbury
Founder and CEO, Xinn

Twitter @GoXinn

Paul StansburyPaul Stansbury is co-founder and serves as Chief Executive Officer at Xinn.

Since 1998, Paul has been pioneering innovative technology. He founded and led Prime Impact, a leader in development of innovative business process automation software solutions for financial services and high tech industries. There, Paul found his niche in providing Internet-enabled solutions to a business world wary of anything digital. Paul’s instinct was right and his leadership of Prime Impact resulted in a market success and was acquired by Surgency, (formerly Benchmarking Partners) in 2000 through support from Internet Capital Group and CISCO Systems.

Always on the hunt for the next big breakthrough, Paul joined forces with Mohammed Hasan, a brilliant engineer he worked with at Prime Impact. Together, they conceived of an entirely new business platform that automated the sales and customer service presentations needs of enterprise businesses.They formed Xinnovation in 2002, and built a bootstrapped company with over $50,000,000 in sales over 15 years working with some of the largest companies in the world, including Fidelity Investments, Blackrock, MassMutual, and Prudential.

But after years of continued success, Paul realized the world was changing and a new product was envisioned to meet the needs of the Connected Customer. Rebranded “Xinn” in 2016, now Paul and Mo have recruited a new team building a new product that aims to give the world the most revolutionary sales experience platform ever.

His mission is to move society forward with fearless technology and welcomes all the dreamers like him to dream of a better world.

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