Guest Client Keynotes

Digital Transformation: Behind the Scenes at The Second City – From the Stage to the Cloud

Marilyn Cox, Vice President Marketing and CRM, The Second City

Learn how The Second City is using cloud and customer engagement technology – like CRM, community and marketing platforms, and data analytics tools – to put the customer (and data) at the center of the customer experience, resulting in increased opportunity and revenue for its b-to-b practice, Second City Works.

Build, Bounce or Buy? Three Ways to Build Tech Talent

Jennifer Hartnett-Henderson, Dean and General Manager, The U, Cisco

New tools mean new roles, processes and capabilities. To keep up, you may need to invest in developing the skills and knowledge of existing employees, hire new employees or take a hybrid approach. Cisco has established a learning culture by creating offerings and programs relevant to an individual’s role and current skills, and by establishing a unique approach to knowledge transfer. Jennifer will share best practices developed by Cisco, and the lessons the company has learned as it has helped employees adapt to new technologies.

Sales Tech: Ground. Come Together. Fly. How We Rebuilt Our Sales Operation

Paul Stansbury, Founder and CEO, Xinn
Jeff Williams, Dir. Content Strategy & Design, Xinn

Declining sales results and evolving market dynamics forced a wide-ranging examination of Xinn’s addressable market, go-to-market strategy and sales execution. A key component of the transformation effort was a new sales and marketing technology stack that engaged the hyper-connected customer all the way through the buyer’s journey. Paul and Jeff will share the journey that required them to break down silos between marketing, sales and operations.

Connecting Technology Investment to Business Goals

Chad Reese, Director, Marketing Technology & Partner Digital Marketing, Cisco
Venkat Krishnamurthy, Sr. Manager & Lead Marketing Technologist, Cisco

With the exponential growth in marketing technology choices and requests for new tools and capabilities coming from all quarters, it’s increasingly important to demonstrate the connection between tech stack investment and the business impact it delivers. Join us as we share Cisco’s journey to connect business outcomes + customer experiences + business capabilities + marketing technology to deliver a prioritized business capabilities roadmap.

Eliminate the Chaos! Enabling Digital Transformation through Governance

Scott Rosenberg, Director of Digital Governance and Operations, Intel Corporation

Session details coming soon!