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SiriusDecisions Track Sessions provide a focused TechX experience based on your role in your organization and the related technology priorities. That doesn’t mean delegates need to pick just one track, however. Please feel free to move among tracks and sessions to suit your interests.

Technology Management and Operations

Everything we do in marketing and sales is powered by technology, and it’s clear that technology will only become more critical in the years to come. But how do you ensure technology strategy isn’t left to chance? In this track, we show how to manage, optimize and roadmap your technology investments to deliver the best results.

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Technology-Enabled Sales

Technology enables the b-to-b sales rep to be even more effective. However, with so many tools, systems, platforms and applications in the marketplace, have we reached a critical point where technology is decreasing productivity? In this track, we share how technology should be leveraged to help your organization’s sales team execute efficiently and with precision.

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Technology-Enabled Marketing

Technology has changed how every team within the marketing function operates. From emerging companies to mature organizations, technology plays a critical role in the implementation, execution and optimization of marketing strategies, plans and analysis. In this track, we explain how to use technology in marketing to maximize impact on your organization’s growth goals.

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