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SiriusDecisions Track Sessions provide a focused TechX experience based on your role or technology priorities. Delegates are welcome to move between sessions at their convenience.

Aligned Technology Management

Every single thing we do in marketing and sales is powered by technology, and that’s not going to change. In fact, technology will only become more critical in the years to come. But how do you ensure your technology strategy isn’t left up to chance? In this track, we outline how to manage, control and roadmap your technology investments. View Aligned Technology Management Sessions

Specialized Tech Stack Deployment

When organizations adopt or change their corporate initiatives, they impact their business strategy, but also their technology strategy. In this track, we discuss how increasingly common factors, including remote workers, account-based marketing, content and channel needs are causing b-to-b organizations to revisit their technology stacks and reprioritize their roadmaps. View Specialized Tech Stack Deployment Sessions

Technology-Enabled Marketing

Technology has changed how every function within the marketing team operates. Marketing leaders must be alert to the ways in which marketing technology continues to evolve and the uses cases that emerge every day. In this track, we look at how to use technology in marketing to drive scale and impact an organization’s growth objectives. View Technology-Enabled Marketing Sessions

Technology-Enabled Sales

Technology makes the b-to-b sales rep more effective. But with so many technologies and applications, have we reached the point where too much technology is actually decreasing productivity? In this track, we share how technology should be leveraged to help sales execute with precision. View Technology-Enabled Sales Sessions