Sales Track Sessions

Technology enables the b-to-b sales rep to be even more effective. However, with so many tools, systems, platforms and applications in the marketplace, have we reached a critical point where technology is decreasing productivity? In this track, we share how technology should be leveraged to help your organization’s sales team execute efficiently and with precision.

The Current and Future State of AI and Sales


Presenters: Kerry Cunningham, Steve Silver

Artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into our daily lives, from how we shop to how we navigate the world around us. But where can AI be used in b-to-b sales? In this session, we’ll explore the current state of AI in b-to-b sales and discuss how it is used to create customer insights, source and prioritize prospects, forecast sales and manage performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand the distinctions between AI, machine learning, deep learning and predictive analytics for b-to-b sales
  • Learn how AI processes and tools are being integrated into b-to-b sales processes – from optimizing territory planning to making sales forecasts more reliable
  • See examples of leading organizations that are applying AI and how it improves their ability to compete

Applying Video Game Concepts to Maximize Selling

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize

Presenters: Jessie Johnson, Nancy Maluso

Video game concepts such as leaderboards, roadmap visuals and dynamic response to stimuli are increasingly being used by b-to-b sales organizations to improve results. In this session, we’ll discuss the top use cases for video game concepts, including sales training, sales execution and coaching, and the relative value and level of effort required to adopt each. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales and marketing:

  • Learn how video game design concepts can enhance learning, development and guided-selling processes in an individualized sales enablement journey
  • Understand where and how video game mechanics can fit into your organization’s tech stack and maximize sales rep productivity and effectiveness
  • Learn ways to integrate video game concepts and triggers into demand creation programs to accelerate the buyer’s journey, increase contact engagement and support automated lead qualification

Welcome to the Jungle: Taming the Wild Beast of Sales Data

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize

Presenters: John Donlon, Justin Lombardelli

There is tremendous opportunity for b-to-b organizations to leverage data to improve sales productivity and decisionmaking. The problem is, it’s a jungle out there with data duplication, point-of-entry errors, omissions and other quality issues that can seem downright scary to manage. In this session, we’ll share best practices for governance of sales data such as accounts, contacts and activities. Gaining control of these core data elements can minimize errors and manual rework while providing greater insights into where and how to support purchase decisions. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Understand how data governance can improve sales productivity
  • Learn how to assess your organization’s sales data readiness, diagnose gaps and prioritize improvements
  • Gain insight into how high-performing organizations manage processes, roles and responsibilities and third-party tools to drive persistent data quality

Sales Reporting: Getting It Right for Direct and Indirect Models

SESSION FOCUS: Operationalize, Optimize

Presenters: Eileen Corrigan, Mark B. Levinson

B-to-b sales organizations use a variety of metrics and tools to report on performance. Sales and channel leaders constantly challenge the sales operations team to improve the accuracy, relevance and value of their reports, analysis and insights. So, what truly works best when it comes to reporting? This session will present examples of good and bad reporting and share best practices for using sales and channel technologies to deliver an integrated, actionable view of performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Understand which metrics and key operating statistics to collect and how to validate them, for both direct and indirect sales models
  • Learn what analysis and insights operations teams can deliver across the enterprise to drive better decisionmaking

For marketing:

  • See key operating statistics from the sales organization that can drive greater alignment between sales and marketing
  • Understand the benefits of an aligned approach to metrics, analytics and intelligence