Demand Marketing Leader

As predictive analytics, sophisticated influence measurement and new data privacy regulations become part of the landscape, demand creation technologies are becoming increasingly complex. Vice president and group director Jennifer Horton hand-selected these sessions to provide demand marketing leaders with insights on available technologies that will support your organization’s strategic objectives.

See Jennifer’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

  • Tuesday 10/31
    • 1:20 pm

      Demand Reporting: A Crawl, Walk and Run Approach

      Operationalize, Optimize Jennifer Horton, Laura Cross
    • 2:10 pm

      Staying in the Race: The Evolving Art of Web Conversion Optimization

      Optimize Barbie Mattie, Gil Canare
    • 3:30 pm

      Intent Monitoring: Deployment Considerations for Account-Based Marketing and Demand Creation

      Adopt, Operationalize, Optimize Kerry Cunningham, Matt Senatore
    • 4:20 pm

      How to Use a Slingshot to Take Down Goliath: Technology as a Growing Company’s Unfair

      Operationalize Barbie Mattie, Jessie Johnson